1976:Tomco Armature Winders cc 

2000: Tomco Electrical And Mechanical Engineering (Pty) Ltd 

2011: Tomco Transformer Repairs & Sales (Pty) Ltd


The company has a full range of equipment and facilities, which ensures that the majority of all work under taken is carried out in-house.

The experience and facilities enable the company to provide quality products and service to our customers.

Tomco has a “collect and delivery service” to most parts of the country allowing a 24 HOUR, 7 DAY WEEK EMERGENCY REPAIR SERVICE

The aim of our service and onsite services is to provide our customer with an understanding of the operational conditions of their electrical machinery.

To reduce the cost of planned and unplanned maintenance in order to prolong the operating life of our customer’s electrical machinery and increase plant availability, productivity and profitability

Mission Statement

Leadership Through Quality, Service & Commitment

Our Commitment  

  • Quality Conscious

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Health and Safety

  • Environmental 

  • Social Responsibility


A Tomco warranty is issued for a period of 1 Year from date of invoice as follows:

Complete rewind & Mechanical repairs: Fully Warranted


Partial Rewind: Portion of winding that was rewound only & Mechanical repairs 


Service units: Labour & New Parts supplied only


Agencies held


Official Repair Agent for                  

Boiler Water Circulating Pumps for SA

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WEG Authorised 

Repair Shop