Heading 4


Low Voltage Department

  • LV AC Motors

  • Repair to Motor up to 650KW

  • Voltage Range from 220V to 1000V

  • Scraper Winch Motors

  • Vibrator Motors

  • Saliant Pole Rotors

  • Flameproofs Motors

  • Sperkproof Motors

  • All types of Submersible Pumps

  • Centrifugal Pumps

  • Balancing Capabilities up to 12½ Ton


Low Voltage Test Bay Department

  • No Load Testing on all LV Motors

  • Load Testing up to 300KW

  • Efficiency Testing on all LV Motors

  • Core Watt Loss Test

  • Interturn Testing

  • Pressure Testing

  • Test Pumps up to 150KW


Low Voltage Pump Station Testing

  • Testing based on kW vs Hydraulics

  • Station Capable of Testing up to 300CM³ p/h on 200MM Pipe

  • Based on 3 Different Sizes of Electromagnetic Flow Meters
         - Namely: 50mm / 100mm / 200mm Pipe

  • Software to work out friction loss and the flow and the head has been measured on different pipe sizes and calibrated by KSB Pump Engineers to give an accurate reading of the performance of the pump.

  • The print outs give all information regarding the test
         - Namely: Head / Flow & Performance

  • The tests are performed on 5 different readings

     - Valve Just cracked
     - Valve Opened at 75%
     - Valve Opened at 50%
     - Valve Opened at 25%
     - Valve Completely Open

  • Please note that for the repairing of the pump, the duty of the pump must be given by the customer, to ensure accurate testing is carried out for it’s specific function.