Heading 4


Transformer Department

  • Repair & Test Capability        up to 30MVA

  • Oil Type

  • Dry Type

  • Welding Machines

  • Mini-Sub Stations

  • Electro Magnets


Transformer Test Bay Department

  • Ratio Testing

  • Short Circuit Testing

  • High Frequency Testing


Transformer On-Site Service & Testing

  • Replace Gaskets

  • Repair Oil Leaks

  • Purify Oil

  • Limited Modifications

  • Oil Sampling

  • Ratio Test

  • Megger Test

  • Resistance Test


On-Site Oil Purification

  • Purification system designed for use with all lubricating oils.



  • Rapid removal of all water, gasses and acids

  • High efficiency demulsifying propertie


Principles of Operation

  • Wet or emulsified oil is drawn into the System under vacuum.

  • The first chamber is a quiet zone; leading to thermostat controlled heaters and from there, into the vacuum seperator under negative pressure, low humidity conditions.

  • This provides the ideal environment to quickly and effectively evaporate dissolved water and gasses.

  • All vapours and gasses enter into the chiller / condensation unit and are released into the water receiver.

  • Cleaner, dryer oil is passed back to the oil tank.

  • Dependent on volume of water contamination, multiple passes will be required to achieve target dehydration levels.